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“This is truly a fun book to read. Loaded with mouth-watering images of splendid jewelry, famous women who wore it and the designers who made it, Vintage Jewelry Design, Classics to Collect and Wear is a fabulous cocktail table book and a must-have for the true jewelry afficionado.” Marylouise Lugosch, Contemporary Jewelry Design Group on 21st Century Jewelry

“Dazzles with magnificent works created by an array of international artisans utilizing traditional precious metals and gems as well as such nontraditional materials as fabric, feathers, wire, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, leather, and even vegetables. The overall layout is clean and crisp, with the jewelry as the focus. VERDICT: This breathtaking compilation of outstanding and one-of-a-kind jewelry is recommended for individuals interested in creative art design and jewelry.” Library Journal on 21st Century Jewelry

“This is the most beautiful jewelry book to date from Lark Books and a must for EVERYONE interested in contemporary jewelry. The range of jewelry goes from traditional gold and diamonds to irreverent plastic, crotchet and found materials. No matter your inclination or interest, you will find examples that will excite your passion about jewelry.” Harriete Estel Berman, Crafthaus on 21st Century Jewelry

“This book is completely a treat to the eyes and a boost for some marvelous creative motivation! … I recommend it to every jewelry artist.” Metal Clay Today on Ring a Day

“A fabulous cocktail table book and a must-have for the true jewelry aficionado.” Contemporary Jewelry Design Group on Vintage Jewelry Design

“If you love jewelry and you’re crazy about fashion design, don’t miss this—it’s a lesson in style you will never forget!” Colette Bouchez, NY Accessories Examiner on Vintage Jewelry Design

“The rings within this impressive compilation are extremely stylish, simple to make, and sure to attract attention. Do not let their intricacies and elaborate artistry deceive you, they can all in fact be made in under half an hour. Both beginners and experienced jewelers can indulge in and recreate these stunning accessories. Each project is completely and utterly unique from the next, since 50 very different and talented top jewelry designers contributed to this book. Learn how to utilize or master your technique in hammering, forging, soldering, wiring, beading, burnishing, and more. And most importantly, you will look exceptionally fashionable when you’re finished.”  Belle Armoire Jewelry on 30-Minute Rings

“Get your hands on this book and expand your imagination as a designer. What a roaring success as a teaching accessory to expand your capabilities as a jewelry designer. This one is a complete winner.” Jean Yates on 30-Minute Necklaces

“In this new release by Marthe Le Van, 45 designers share 60 pairs of earrings that you can make in 30 minutes. What better way to enhance your wardrobe than to cut, bend, string, saw, drill, hammer, and solder pieces of jewelry? The projects become more advanced as you progress through the book. Each is inexpensive, quick, and results in a pair of earrings to wear the same day.” Bead & Button on 30-Minute Earrings

“If you love jewelry, you’ll want this book. If you need inspiration in your own jewelry design, you need this book! From start to finish, 500 Gemstone Jewels is eye candy and inspiration. When the world seems dark and ugly, this book is a beautiful, shiny thing to refill your soul and inspire you to create once more … The contributing artists each bring a unique style, and the collection shown in this book is breathtaking.” Craft Gossip: Jewelry Making on 500 Gemstone Jewels

“Every photograph, illustration, and how-to sequence is valuable—and chock-full of the kind of instructions and tips that make the difference between amateurish pin and designer brooch.” Booklist on The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry

“An overview of contemporary jewelry-making techniques … a beautifully illustrated book.” Library Journal on The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry

“Fills in crucial information gaps often lacking in this genre, primarily due to each instructor’s willingness to share the tricks and techniques that have brought him or her acclaim.” Art Jewelry on The Penland Book of Jewelry

“This book provides a comprehensive study of the genre at its best, combining traditional jewelry-making techniques with artistic innovation for stellar results … an awe-inspiring book.” Art Jewelry on Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects

“Quick, mostly easy, and very clever, the ideas make the most of plain old paper but also venture beyond the expected to incorporate lace, buttons, fabric, old books, maps, and lots more to give envelopes a whole new look. Paper crafters looking for something new to try will have loads of fun.” Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist on Pushing the Envelope