For Publishers


Marthe Le Van loves writing about jewelry and has a major resume of published titles. Whether creating copy for highly illustrated art books or step-by-step instructions, Marthe values a clear, concise, and engaging style. Publishers, reviewers, and jewelers all appreciate the ease and accuracy of her text, and many of her books are bestsellers in the jewelry category.

Digital Content Provider

The Internet demands lively content that quickly engages and retains readers. Each digital platform has its own language and best practices writers know and follow. Marthe Le Van is a fluent writer for websites, blogs, and social media. She can create and deliver your message, campaign, or news over several pages or in 140-word increments.

Image Curator

The thoughtful selection and presentation of jewelry images impacts the quality of your publication. Whether you’re in need of a single, spectacular spread or a whole book of jewelry images, let Marthe Le Van’s unique experience and resources deliver interest, authenticity, and energy to your next project.

Packager for Print

If you have a concept for a jewelry book, catalog, or magazine article, Marthe Le Van can make it a reality. Each project starts by working together to define a clear direction and market. Next, Marthe works with you to develop a budget, schedule, and style. Then, she manages a team of creative professionals to execute the plan and deliver a complete package formatted to your editorial and art specifications.