For Jewelers

Marthe Le Van offers a range of personalized services to help jewelers define and achieve their goals. A writer, editor, and curator, Marthe Le Van is uniquely positioned to communicate your story, maximize your opportunities, and grow your business.

Writing & Editing

Conveying your ideas with clear and confident writing is essential to success. Marthe Le Van assists jewelers by turning their thoughts into well-written and engaging narratives. There are many types of text we can create or improve for you, including artist statements, blogs posts, books, catalogs, email blasts, ghostwriting, grant applications, instructions and technical editing, magazine articles, newsletters, project proposals, press releases, promotional copy, resumes,  tweets, and website content.

Marketing & Promotions

Promoting yourself and your designs isn’t easy, but it’s essential. Marthe Le Van can be your passionate advocate, representing your work to public and developing strong and long-term relationships with customers, collectors, retail partners, and the media with the ultimate goal of expanding your consumer base and increasing your revenue.

Public Relations

Media exposure broadens the audience for your designs, and there are more media outlets than ever before. Global websites, social media platforms, magazines, newspapers, film, and television are hungry for content and clamor to discover the newest and hottest thing. Marthe Le Van works closely with each client to define short- and long-term media plans and then fully implements them on your behalf.

Brand Evaluation & Development

Working as an objective outsider, Marthe Le Van can analyze your jewelry designs and business practices, communicate your strengths and weaknesses, and develop and implement a plan that moves you forward. We’ll start by investigating the most basic questions: Are you making desirable jewelry? Are your photos working for you? What is your brand’s identity? Who is your customer? Where are your untapped sales channels? What are your business goals? Next, we’ll establish and act on manageable steps to help you achieve your goals.